SM Series Torque Wrench, Delta


SM Series Torque Wrench, Delta


Product Code: SM


Constant Torque Wrench

0.6-1.2 N.m


*The product is designed for the tightening of SMA connectors, providing a choice of relative torque tools to ensure that the right torque is applied to applications where RF coaxial and SMA connectors are designed, while the correct tightening of wires and SMA connectors is necessary in PF wiring applications to ensure optimal performance.

* The new opening design, combined with the torque wrench, produces a 90-degree Angle bending of the head when the wrench reaches the torque value.

* The interior adopts ball structure design to ensure the repeatability and accuracy of the wrench and reduce the influence of the operation speed

* The wrench body is made of aluminum alloy, lightweight design, and can be used in positive and negative direction

* The wrench is commonly used in Agilent 8710-1765, with SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm F connectors from Rosenberger, HUBERSSUHANER and other companies