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T.Saifuddin and Co journey

Over the last 40 years, T. Saifuddin are Import & Export dealers in a wide range of products such as Instruments, Hand tools, Machine Tool, Set Accessories, Analogue Vernier Caliper, etc

Our Promise

We Guarantee the most Premium Tools in the Industries

Over 40 years, T.Saifuddin has been the leading supplier of various kinds of measuring tools and instruments in Bangalore. At T. Saifuddin, you can find all kinds of measuring tools listed at highly affordable prices. For us, customer satisfaction is something we take quite seriously and that is why we have partnered with top thread Ring Gauge dealers to ensure that our clients get the finest products suited for their needs without any hassle. No matter what your requirement is, we make sure to find satisfactory solutions suited for your needs at our online store – that is our Commitment. Just scroll through the site and you will find premium tools that are more than capable of handling your requirements.