18 - 20 x 22 Ring Spanners, Taparia


18 - 20 x 22 Ring Spanners, Taparia


Product Code: 18-20X22


About this Item

Ring Spanners

Drop forged from high grade Chrome - Vanadium steel.Heat treated to give maximum strength and wear resistance.Good accessibility in confined spaces due to thin walled rings and are light and handy in use.

Slightly rounded handles sand blasted fit snugly in the hand and gives comfortable grip.Clearly marked facilities choice of right size.Non damaging grip on the nut due to close wrench opening tolerances.

  • D1: 31.0
  • D2: 33.0
  • T1: 12.0
  • T2: 13.0
  • L:290
  • Weight: 270 grams